Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Triple Thirteen

3-D Pinto

Dirt Bike Cookie Cake

Twin's 16th birthday

I made this cake for a set of 16 yr old boy/girl twins. I had to be a little creative to make it work for both, but I was happy with the end result.

Curious George

Georgia Birthday

Harley Birthday

This was for a 50th birthday.

Mario Bros

Peyton's cake was supposed to look a little more like this one.

Valentine Wedding

This was a heartshaped cake for an intimate Valentine's Day wedding. Congratulations Kim!

3-D Monkey

I made this cake for 2 year old twin boys. Although they got their little individual cakes, this monkey didn't make it to the party. He tried to jump out of the cake box during delivery and couldn't be put back together again. I ended up making a different style monkey cake. Thank you Lee for being so patient and understanding.

Hunter and Peyton's 2011 Birthday

This year the boys and I decided on something different to take to their classmates. Instead of a cookie cake as usual, we decided to do some cute little cupcakes. These are made of totally sweet stuff. No real veggies were involved.

Hunter's 11th birthday cake.
Unfortunately for my boys, I had a bunch of other cakes to do the same weekend as their birthday. Their cakes of course paid the price.

Peyton's 10th birthday cake.


This was for a nurse retirement party.

Ella's 1st

Obviously, these were for Ella's first birthday.

Blue and Gold Banquet

I made this cake for our Blue and Gold banquet for scouts. We had an outdoors theme.